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There has been a surge in motorhome theft in the UK, as many vehicles are seen to be disappearing overnight from storage sites or homes. We bring you a range of caravan and motorhome tracking systems that will help you keep an eye on your motorhome or campervan, and will give you an alert the instant it is moved. This not just gives you peace of mind but will also provide a complete journey history of where the vehicle has been. You can read more regarding caravan and motorhome trackers .

Explore our full range of insurance-approved S5 & S7 caravan and motorhome trackers to protect your asset against theft. These unique, Thatcham-approved tracking devices can accurately pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle or asset to aid with a speedy recovery and help with insurance claims.



Browse our wide range of motorhome tracking systems and self-powered trackers for your caravan from leading brands such as SmarTrack, Meta Trak and ScorpionTrack. Highly effective and easy to use, our range of caravan and motorhome trackers use the latest technologies and features, such as anti-jamming technology and unauthorised movement alerts. Most of our tracking systems are also compatible with their own smartphone app for more convenient use.


Choose The Best Motorhome Tracker

European Cover:

Before purchasing your motorhome GPS tracker, make sure it works in all the countries you plan on visiting. Tracking devices provide different types of European cover.

Some will provide the motorhome’s location if they are stolen abroad, while others provide full European monitoring and recovery, and are accredited with local monitoring centres in order to coordinate with police on your behalf in the European countries you visit.


Consider devices certified as Thatcham Category S5 or Category S7 insurance-approved.

Monitored Tracking Systems:

These type of devices will give an alert to both you and the tracking company’s secure monitoring centre, the instant your motorhome is disturbed or moved, ensuring you can make the quickest recovery possible.


24/7 Monitoring Centre:

Let the professionals handle the monitoring and recovery, as most insurance companies do not accept any self-monitored devices.

Low Battery Alert:

If you do not use the motorhome for long durations, the battery may run low. Nevertheless, most devices will also alert you about low battery power as well.

Thatcham Category 5 Approval

These are tracking systems designed exclusively for powered vehicles like motorhomes, and are pretty effective in the current wave of theft and burglary, where thieves who randomly break into homes to steal the keys of vehicles. A separate driver ID tag or card is provided to the owners that is intended to be kept separate from the keys of your motorhome.

If keys are used to move the motorhome but the driver identification card/tag isn’t there in the vehicle, the monitoring centre identifies it as stolen, immediately.

CAT 5 trackers allow the police to immobilise the vehicle under certain controlled conditions. These systems are more costly in terms of both the installation cost and monitoring fee as well, which is more than CAT 6 devices, typically.

S5 Category Trackers

Formerly Category 5, these are classified as vehicle tracking systems and it was expected that most Category 5 devices will be moved to S5 subject to the approval of Thatcham research centre testing. The S5 device category eliminates the need for having different functions on the CAT 5 devices, like remote engine immobilisation. Although, the driver identification tag feature is still needed in the devices.

S7 Category Trackers

These are classified as asset locations systems, and the category broadly combines the previous Category 6 and 7 Thatcham device standard in one. Subject to the testing of Thatcham, many CAT 6 or 7 devices have become approved for S7.

All of our trackers are insurance and Thatcham approved and come with free nationwide installation, so you can rest assured that your motorhome is in safe hands.

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