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Custom Camper Rust Coatings
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We're proud to offer the highest quality workmanship, most thorough process & top class customer service available on the market today. From start to finish, we put lots of love and careful attention in each vehicle we do.

The Coatings

We have over 25 years within the rustproofing industry and offer both Dinitrol & Raptor coatings.
We don't use any inferior coatings like waxoyl, hammerite etc. Dinitrol offer the NO.1 Products on the market is used to protect the vehicles in the MOD/NATO, train carriages & used on the oil rigs, so you can be assured that your vehicle is getting the best treatment possible. Raptor is now known to be the toughest coating in the industry, which can be tinted to the exact colour of your paint, meaning that the underside can looks as good as the rest of the vehicle. Featuring a 2 pack epoxy primer finished with a top coat paint, it really does make the coating unbreakable!

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